Are you sure that those two are Lindy and Kris? And the others are the other protagonists? Signed CindyLou95

I'm pretty sure that those are the twins. I'm also sure all of those teenagers are the characters from the Goosebumps books, but older. Since in the film, they add 4 years to the protagonists ( one example is Hannah. In the books she's 12, but in the film is 16 ). Signed Daniel132777

I see. Do you have a source that confirms this information? Signed CindyLou95

Yes, I do. Unfortunately, I cannot share it for personal reasons. I hope you and everyone in this wikia can understand. Signed Daniel132777

When will you be able to share it if you don't mind me asking? Signed CindyLou95

It's not them, because why would they be at the dance and students? Sorry, but it would be impossible.

The thing is my good chap, we don't usually put these sort of things in unless we have evidence. I learned that when I was editing the Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia. Signed CindyLou95

Exactly CindyLou95, sorry i forot to sign, and I appoligize Daniel, but I got rid of that because there's no evidence, and I don't think it's them in general. NicktheDummy

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