Shrink school: Goosebumps edition?

I'm actually happy to see there's actually a Goosebumps book I would Love to be a part of! :D I mean, you can shrink yourself OR make yourself gigantic! I don't care if that cake tastse terrible or if it's an obvious call-back to Alice in wonderland (come to thing of it, the story kinda reminds me of the whole "Eat me, Drink me" thing now that I think of it.), If it means being able to get revenge on those bullies, I would gulp it down whole. And besides, who said I couldn't have a little fun with my new size (*hint* *hint*)... Besides, it's fun to have a little power trip once in a while! Hehehe... *Thinking* (I wonder if they'll go *SQUISH* or *CRUNCH* when I crush them underfoot...)

OH!,Sorry, I went Macrophile again (^.^'). I almost forgot about the purple peanut butter. I guess that would be fun too, (dangerous and usually life threatening, but fun). Me being a big fan of Shrink High (asides from the occasional porn moment), I would enjoy my new size while I still could... *Thinks about looking up young girls skrts while tiny* Besides, It means less food I wold have to eat plus those "Hilariously large rat riding lessons" would finally pay off! Giddy up my squeaking steed! :D

I think this is one of my favorites of the Goosebumps stories, becuase it combines my three favorite things:

  1. Being the main charecter and choosing my own paths
  2. Macrophilia (being gigantic or tiny (mostly gigantic (RAWR! I R MEGACHAMPZILLA!))
  3. Stories where you get to overpower bullies (Hmhm... I bet Barney taste like chicken!)

Though Might I ask a few things:

  1. Why isn't there a foot crush death? (I mean, when you'r small, shouldn't at least one death involved being stepped on?)
  2. Why can't I toy with the bullies *More Macrophilia-related thoughts*
  3. Why isn't the picture on the cover an actual death? I mean, the other books did something like that...

Sure, I'm a litte bit... Mischivious... But hey, I just like to have fun...

...and making bullies my foot slaves, plus they make great deodorant! :3

Now if you excuse me, I have some bullies to... um.... "persuade"... *Walks away while taking out a can of extremly powerful Monster Blood and guzzles down every last drop.* Those thugs won't know what hit em!

We don't truly know who's good nor evil. It's only what the reasons ae for thier actions that determine who they are... 00:12, November 22, 2012 (UTC)

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