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Tabitha "Tabby" Weiss and Lee Winston are characters in the forty-eighth Goosebumps book, Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns, as well as its television adaptation.


Tabby and Lee are a pair of bullies who constantly torment Drew Brockman and her friend Walker Parkes. They have ruined a past Halloween by playing a cruel joke during a party where they had some teenage friends pretend to be burglars. The following year, Drew wanted to get revenge by planning a party of their own but they ruined it by canceling on them, as they planned to go trick-or-treating with Lee's cousin instead.

This made Drew even more determined to finally get revenge for all the Halloweens they have ruined. The following year, they went out and were ambushed by strange beings with pumpkins on their heads. Tabby and Lee assumed it was two more of Drew's friends, Shane and Shana, in disguise but soon it was shown that these creatures are for real. They forced the kids to trick or treat in an unfamiliar neighborhood with a lot of candy, not letting them take breaks except to eat some of the candy to make the bags lighter.

Eventually, they brought out some pumpkins and slapped them on Tabby and Lee's heads as they ran screaming. They did not discover that this was all part of Shane and Shana's revenge scream, as they were actually aliens who morphed into the Pumpkin Heads to help out Drew.

General information


They are both bullies who love to torment Drew and Walker. Tabby is self-centered and proud of her looks. Lee is always chewing gum and struts like rappers in music videos.

Physical appearance

Tabitha has creamy white skin and green eyes that sparkle a lot. Lee is African-American and tall with a warm smile and dark brown eyes. In the TV episode, he is Caucasian.



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