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"Stuck in 1957" is the eighth story from the book More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Shanna is proud of her perfect hair. She wants it to look perfect so she can fit at her new school. She has recently moved into a house that was built back in 1957. In her room, she discovers cat woman glasses. She puts them on, but she feels a tingling sensation and suddenly finds herself in a different version of her room, with a pink bed spread and frilly curtains. In place of her family is a bunch of strangers, that claim to be her family.

Shanna realizes she is back in 1957. She takes off her glasses but instead of putting them back, she decides to live in the fifties for a while, thinking it would be cool. But she is forced to cut her hair, and she thinks her new bangs make her look like a freak. She puts her glasses back on to try to go back home, but it doesn't work. She goes to school, where everyone has short hair like her. She tells her science teacher about what is going on, but he doesn't believe her.

A classmate named Marvin overhears her and tells her he has something that can help. After school, she goes to his house where she has a time travel helmet that he found. He thinks it came from the future because it has text saying it was made in Hawaii, USA and Hawaii was not a state in 1957. The helmet works, and it brings her back to the present. Unfortunately, her hair is still a mess. She tries fixing it but nothing works. The next morning, she laments having to go a new school with this bad haircut. So she puts the glasses back on, thinking anything has to be better than being a short haired freak at a new school.


  • Though it isn't explicitly mentioned, the story likely begins in the year 1997, the same year More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps was released, as 1957 would've been exactly forty years prior.
  • The story references Elvis Presley and Grease.
  • The story is mildly reminiscent of Back to the Future, in which a character travels back in time to the 1950's.
    • Coincidentally, a previous story, "Fun With Spelling", features a character with the last name McFly, the surname of Back to the Future's protagonist.