"Strangers in the Woods" is the fourth short story in the book Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


A girl named Lucy is staying with her great-aunt Abigail while her parents in Asia. Lucy soon discovers that some of her great-aunt's specialties, are slightly different. Along with her, usually slow, calm driving, her dog has also been acting weirder than usual. Lucy then takes her dog, Muttster for a walk. Except, Great-Aunt Abigail warns Lucy to stay out of the woods, when last year Great-Aunt Abigail had no problem with Lucy going into the forest.

Lucy then starts seeing bright lights in the sky. Lucy soon expects that the lights are signs of aliens. Lucy also starts to expect that the reason her dog is barking so much is because of Muttster's sixth sense, which makes Lucy believe that Great-Aunt Abigail has been possessed by an alien. To prove that she is right, Lucy goes into the forest.

She then finds out that the reason for the lights is because there is a movie being shot in the forest (Which is why Great-Aunt Abigail said to stay out of the woods). Great-Aunt Abigail then explains that she has been acting so weird, because she lost her glasses. Right before Lucy goes to bed, she finds her great-aunt's glasses. She then goes to return them, only to find that her Great-Aunt Abigail is an alien.


  • This story mentions a fictional film called Attack of the Pod People, which alludes to Pod People, a type of plantlike aliens featured in Jack Finney's novel The Body Snatchers and its numerous adaptations.
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