"Strained Peas" is the seventeenth episode of season three of the Goosebumps TV series, and the sixty-first episode overall. It premiered on February 21, 1998 on Fox during the Fox Kids block.


  • Tyrone Savage as Nicholas Morgan
  • Janet-Laine Green as Martha Morgan
  • Booth Savage as Tom Morgan
  • Alicia Panetta as Sam
  • Angelo Mosca as Cadaverous Man
  • Julissa Aguirre as Grace (voice)
  • Deanna Oliver as Chloe (voice)

Differences from the story

  • Nicholas's real baby sister's name is Grace and not Hannah. The real baby is named Chloe, instead of Grace in the story.
  • There is no mark of evil on the baby in the episode. Thus, Nicholas is not worried about the baby until she starts acting strange.
  • In the story, Nicholas doesn't like the idea of having a baby sister. In the episode, he is excited about it.
  • The episode adds a female friend character.
  • In the story, the baby's real family was just one parent, a human looking mother with the same birthmark as her. In the episode, she has a mom and dad, who appear to look like monsters.


  • Tyrone Savage (Nicholas) played Daniel in season one's, "It Came from Beneath the Sink".
  • Booth Savage and Janet-Laine Green, who played Nicholas' parents, not only were a real-life couple at that time, but they were the real-life parents of Tyrone Savage, who played their son.
  • It is shown that Grace's real parents are monsters as only their hands can be seen when they are reunited with her.
  • The toy block that Sam picks up from Grace's crib bears the Goosebumps "G" logo.
  • When Nicholas is fighting with the baby for the remote, the channel is switched and a scene from a previous episode, "Say Cheese and Die" is shown. Ironically, the next episode after Strained Peas was its sequel, "Say Cheese and Die - Again!"
  • This is the lowest rated Goosebumps episode on IMDb, with a score of 3.7/10.
  • In one scene, Sam leaves Nicholas's house with a skateboard with the cover design of The Haunted Mask. The skateboard is the same prop as seen in Grady's room from The Werewolf of Fever Swamp episode.





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UltGoosebumps StrainedPeas Promo-1

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