Stine-Chillers is a computer game on . The game was created by Nickelodeon in celebration of the 2015 film Goosebumps.

Main Object

In the game you create your own scary short story using the following monsters and objects listed, once you have selected the monsters and objects you want to use in your story, the story comes to life with creepy sound effects.

Story Villains

Story Theme

  • The Storm
  • The Curse
  • The Hunt

Story Place

  • Grocery Store
  • Streets (Madison, Delaware)
  • House
  • Haunted Woods (Abandoned Amusement Park)
  • School Gym
  • School Hallway
  • Ice Rink

Story Items

  • Fat Rat
  • Screaming Spider
  • Pair of Underwear
  • Moldy Banana
  • Cross-Eyed Cat
  • Grandma's Denture
  • Creepy Doll
  • Hot Garbage Bag
  • Bumpy Pickle
  • Pizza


  • The game refers to Count Nightwing as "Dracula", a famous movie monster, and Cronby as a "Leprechaun" even though he's a troll.

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