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Sticks is a character in the twentieth Goosebumps book, The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight, and its accompanying television adaptation. He is the son of Stanley.


Sticks is the sixteen-year-old son of Stanley. He lives with his father in the guest house on the farm of Jodie's grandparents. He picks on Jodie and Mark when they visit each summer, calling them city kids.

Sticks dresses and poses as a scarecrow just to scare Jodie into thinking the scarecrows are alive at the beginning of the book. This action leads Jodie to think that Sticks is behind scarecrows moving every time she sees one move.

Sticks warns Jodie that things at the farm have changed since the last time she had been there, but Jodie brushes it off, convinced Sticks just wants to scare her. He acts cold and distant toward Jodie and Mark during their visit, and Jodie thinks that Sticks doesn't like her and is out to get them. What Jodie does not know is that Sticks is busy dealing with living scarecrows and hiding them from his father so Stanley doesn't awaken the rest.

Jodie dresses Mark up as a scarecrow to scare Sticks one night, but the plan backfires and frightens Stanley, causing him to wake up the remaining scarecrows. The scarecrows descend on Jodie and her family.

Sticks saves Jodie and her family by torching the scarecrows, burning them to ashes.

General information

The whole family.

Physical appearance

Sticks is tall and lanky. He has long skinny arms and legs, which is how he got his nickname. He has long black hair that goes down past his collar. Jodie says his hair looks like it is seldom washed. She describes his eyes as "always laughing at you." He wears dirty ripped jeans and tight muscle shirts.


At the beginning of the book, Sticks has a light in his eyes while playing with Jodie and Mark. Stanley speaks to him, and Jodie describes his eyes as having gone dark. Stanley's actions have sucked the happiness out of Sticks. Sticks is very cold and distant as a result, feeling like he has to clean up after his father's mess.