The following is a list of characters from Stay Out of the Basement and its television adaptation in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Dr. Michael Brewer

Book and TV episode Dr. Brewer is the father of Casey and Margaret Brewer and the first character mentioned in the book. Dr. Brewer was fired from his job as a botanist, so he converted his home's basement into a lab for his experiments. He's incredibly secretive.
Casey Brewer

Book and TV episode Casey is the son of Dr. Brewer and the brother of Margaret. Casey usually isn't very mature. He enjoys teasing his sister and annoying her.
Margaret Brewer

Book and TV episode Margaret is the daughter of Dr. Brewer and the older sister of Casey. Of the two siblings, Margaret is the more mature one. As Dr. Brewer becomes increasingly more obsessed with his work in the beginning of the book, Margaret becomes more and more concerned.
Mrs. Brewer

Book and TV episode Mrs. Brewer is the wife of Dr. Brewer. Early in the book, Mrs. Brewer has to leave her husband and children to visit her sister, who has been hospitalized.
Mr. Martinez

(Dr. Marek in the TV episode)

Book and TV episode Though he is mentioned early in the book, Mr. Martinez doesn't appear until more than halfway through the book. Mr. Martinez was Dr. Brewer's boss when he worked for PolyTech.
Diane Manning

Book Diane is a friend of Margaret. She lives in a house near the Brewer family.

Book and TV episode While never seen, Eleanor is mentioned in the book and television adaptation. Eleanor is the sister of Dr. Brewer's wife and the aunt of Casey and Margaret. She is hospitalized early in the book, but her condition improves before the end of the book.
Mr. Henry

Book Mr. Henry is the Brewer family's neighbor.
Mutant Plants

Including Dr. Brewer's Clone

Book and TV episode Dr. Brewer has been experimenting with mutant plants in his home's basment. Some of his plants are capable of moving, breathing, and even talking. It is unclear when in the story this occurs, but the real Dr. Brewer is temporarily replaced by a humanoid plant clone. The reader doesn't truly learn how alive Dr. Brewer's plants are until late in the story.
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