Splatters are insect like creatures that appeared in the twenty-fourth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Earth Geeks Must Go!.


Earth Geeks Must Go!

The Splatters are insect-like creatures that live amongst the people on the strange planet in this book. They have significantly high intelligence; they can communicate with other beings telepathically, they are able to engineer bombs, they even have a space program. The Splatters are vengeful against people, since they treat Splatters like bugs. On a daily basis people kill Splatters; some even enjoy squishing them and splattering the remains. The Splatters developed a plan to seek revenge; they would plant weapons on humans from the planet Earth and transport them to their home planet, wiping their entire memories. Once the weapon was hidden, the Splatters would use it for mass destruction and ultimately world domination. Their weakness, however, is high-pitched sound, and they can be easily destroyed with just the act of whistling a high note. In the book, the species was ultimately destroyed when the shrill siren of a wristwatch alarm was activated.

General information

Physical appearance

The Splatters are described as small insect like creatures that can be significatly hairy. When crushed, their bodies explode with disgusting slime, hence the name "Splatters." They can also be quite slimy to the touch, and also hot and sticky.

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