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Spencer Kassimir is the main protagonist in the eleventh Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls.


Spencer and his family live in a town called Highgrave where an old graveyard stands high on a hill that overlooks the whole town. When he and his family first moved to Highgrave, some kids have told him the people buried in the graveyard have become restless, angry ghouls who cannot sleep, so they rise up from their graves at night and look down at the houses below them. Spencer also heard that if anyone was up there at night, the ghouls will get them. This made Spencer start to have nightmares about the graveyard, alongside his younger siblings, Jason, Remy and Charlotte.

This inspired Spencer to write a paper about his hometown, which he later read to his class. His best friend, Audra Rusinas, and his teacher, Mrs. Webster, thought it was very good, but Spencer felt very nervous and embarrassed due to the personal words he had put in. Mrs. Webster urged him to go on with it and that he might inspire Frank Foreman, who was making a mockery of it. Spencer couldn't quite finish in time, to Mrs. Webster, he had given her the idea of a hike up the graveyard the next day to "summon the ghouls".

General information


Spencer is semi-superstitious and wonders if the legends about Highgrave Cemetery are true. Being fearful, he was often too afraid to visit the graveyard, especially at night. Spencer is somewhat insecure about himself and clumsy, and he doesn't feel as cool as Frank or Buddy. Frank and Buddy often make fun of Spencer. He doesn't usually care what people think of him, but he cares about what Audra thinks. Spencer really likes Audra, so he always tries to act cool around her. Spencer may not be too brave, but he is usually able to stand up for himself.

Physical appearance

Spencer is twelve years old, Caucasian, short, and scrawny. Spencer also wears glasses.



  • On the back cover of the Classic Goosebumps version, Spencer's surname was incorrectly said to be Levy.
  • It is never said where Spencer and his family originally came from before moving to Highgrave.