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Sparkles the Dragon is a sentient dragon that first appeared in the twentieth book in the Goosebumps Series 2000 series, Be Afraid Be Very Afraid!


The next day, Connor's friends insist on continuing the game, despite his objections. Emily draws the cards needed to become a dragon. Kyle teams up with Emily, and they capture Connor's character, intending to finish him off. The kids then hear a roar. When they check outside, they see a massive dragon, rampaging throughout their neighborhood. Connor ends up sliding all the dragon's cards back into the box, which ends up defeating the dragon.

General information

Physical description

Sparkles has the almost exact same appearance as most dragons in media. On the book's cover, the color of his body and wings are purple and or magenta whereas in HorrorTown, his body and wings are a bit of a maroonish red. His eyes differ whereas in the book, it's orange and HorrorTown's design has them yellow.


His defeat in the book resulted when Conner slipped his card as well as all the other cards back into the packet box, causing him to suddenly disappear.