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Snappy the Dummy is Slappy the Dummy's twin brother and Wally's brother. He is a villain in the third Goosebumps SlappyWorld book, I Am Slappy's Evil Twin.


Like his brothers, Snappy is also able to come to life. Throughout the story he appears in, Snappy pretends to be a dummy with good intentions, and seemingly refuses to take pleasure in evil. Slappy aggressively argues with Snappy much of the time. Snappy's acting causes the protagonists to believe he is really a good person, and decide he is not evil. Later in the book, an explosion sends Slappy flying into the air, where he disappears in the clouds. Seizing this opportunity, Snappy shows his true nature and dubs the protagonists slaves, hinting that it was difficult for him to portray a nice person at the same time, which was a plan he and his brother, Slappy, crafted.

General information

Physical appearance

He is identical to Slappy except his eyes are a different color. On the cover he is shown to have a scrape on his forehead and a gap between his two front teeth. In spite of this, Slappy and Snappy are described by the protagonist as being impossible to tell apart, except for the eyes.


For the majority of the book he acts kind, harmless, and innocent. However, that is all a trick, part of a plan devised by him and Slappy. In reality, he is cruel and even more evil than Slappy. He doesn't have the same sense of humor as Slappy either, who is constantly cracking bad jokes.