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Slappy, Beware! is a hardcover special edition book that, despite not being branded as such, is adjacent to the Goosebumps SlappyWorld book series.[1] It is currently slated for release in 2022 and will feature four full-page pieces of original art featuring Slappy.[2]

It is the sixteenth book in the Living Dummy saga and the second book to feature Slappy as a protagonist since Slappy's Nightmare. Similar to that book, Slappy has to do something or he'll be put to sleep forever, but this time he must commit an evil act instead of doing good deeds. It is also the first hardcover special edition book since Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask in 2012 and the first special edition book since The Haunter in 2016.

The cover, which appears to be a homage to the original cover art for Night of the Living Dummy, depicts Slappy the Dummy staring at the reader with an evil grin and his eyes glowing bright red. Slappy with red eyes was previously featured on Slappy in Dreamland's cover.


The untold true story of Slappy in a terrifying new special edition!

This is Slappy's world-- you only scream in it! But where did he come from? And can he ever be destroyed? Slappy the ventriloquist's dummy has only one mission in his tiny, deranged mind: do evil every day, all day. His creator, powerful sorcerer Darkwell the Magician, has warned him that should he fail to cause chaos before the sun sets each day, he will sleep FOREVER. Normally, this is a piece of poisonous cake for Slappy―but he may have met his match in the Carlton family. Each attempt at evil ends in disaster, and the dummy starts to panic. Will Slappy's scariest day yet bring an end to his reign of terror? This special edition features four full page pieces of original Slappy art!


Audiobook Release date Length Narrated by Published by
Slappy Beware Audiobook.jpg
September 20, 2022 TBA R.L. Stine and Joe Fria Scholastic Inc.


  • The title of this book is a play on the Goosebumps franchise slogan "Reader beware—you're in for a scare!"
  • The book mentions that one of the rumored lores for Slappy is that the ghost of a ten year old boy lives in his head. While the age doesn't line up, this may be a reference to Richard Hsieh and how his mind was swapped with Slappy's in the twist ending of Slappy in Dreamland.
    • This lore is also somewhat similar to the lore of the Five Nights at Freddy's video game franchise.
  • Another possible lore mentioned in the book states that some believe Slappy was a puppet who escaped from a puppet factory in Cincinnati. This might be a slight reference to Stine's home state of Ohio.
  • The story appears to make several retcons to Slappy's origins, which were first revealed in the prolouge of I Am Slappy's Evil Twin. In that book, Slappy (alongside other evil dummies such as Mr. Wood) was made in the 1920s, while in this book Slappy was created 200 years prior to the events of the story, dating his creation to the 1800s. There is also no mention of Slappy being made from haunted coffin wood by an evil wizard in that book, and the creator of the evil dummies is named Franz Mahar instead of Ephraim Darkwell.
  • The title was revealed online on December 18, 2021. On March 16, 2022 the E! website featured an interview with R.L. Stine that previews the first chapter for the story, as well as the cover reveal.[2] Stine mentioned he originally planned the book's title to be Slappy's Terrible Horrible Very Bad Day," an obvious homage to the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. He also stated he likes this book as it shows Slappy in a new light.


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