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The Shrunken Head is a creature and magical object that appears in the thirty-ninth Goosebumps book, How I Got My Shrunken Head, and its television adaptation.


The Shrunken Head first appears in How I Got My Shrunken Head, where it gives Mark Rowe an ability that is known as "Jungle Magic."

The Shrunken Head has a hidden cameo in the Goosebumps movie, appearing on the Muglani's staff.

General information

Physical appearance

Mark describes the shrunken head as wrinkled and leathery, and about the size of a tennis ball. Its hair is thin and black, styled with a pony tail. Its eyes are solid and dark. 

It has the ability to glow, during which its eyes flash.

It feels warm and sticky, and is hard as a baseball.

There are multiple shrunken heads in the book. Mark's has a thin white scratch on its left ear, left by his sister, Jessica.



Regional depictions

TV series