Shari Walker is one of the main characters in Say Cheese and Die! and Say Cheese and Die — Again!. She is also one of the best friends of Greg Banks.


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Say Cheese and Die!

Shari and her three friends, Greg, Bird Arthur and Michael Warner were hanging out in Greg's driveway, trying to think of what to do for fun, with thoughts including going to Grover's comic store to which Shari replied that Grover will start yelling if they paying or staying, making the boys laugh by imitating the store owner himself. After a few suggestions, Shari suggested that they could take a walk and after an impromptu game of Follow the Leader, they reached the old house known as the Coffman House. Michael suggested that they can explore the Coffman House, but then Greg reminded them of the man hanging out in the house known as Spidey. But Shari and the others had Greg out-voted and they went into the house to explore. In the house, Shari and Michael were exploring the kitchen, when they encountered two gray mice. Shari thought the mice were cute and looked like cartoon mice, to which Michael replied that they were gross and looked like rats. They explored the house a little more when Greg began to get nervous and suggested that they should leave and it is getting boring. But Shari insisted that it is exciting being somewhere they shouldn't be. Then they noticed that Bird was missing and heard him screaming from the basement that something has got him. Shari and her friends rushed down, only to find that Bird was only goofing. After Shari told him about The Boy Who Cried Wolf, she looked around the room and discovered a towering oak wardrobe filled with what appeared to be old-fashioned clothing and she, Bird and Michael dressed up in them. They were still dressing up when Greg came over with a camera that he found and took a picture of Michael posing on the stairs. But any of them could look at the developing photo, the railing broke and Michael fell and hurt his ankle. To make it worse, it turned out that Spidey was upstairs the whole time and was coming down to see what the noise was. Greg led the others to a secret door that he found and after a little struggle, they managed to get it open and Shari and Bird carried Michael out the door until he was able to walk on his own and went on their way, but not before seeing Spidey at the window watching them. They reached Michael's house and reflected on the adventure they had. Greg worried that Spidey might do something since he saw them, but Shari assured him that he is not going to do anything and that he just wants to be left alone and doesn't want trouble. Then they had a look at Michael's picture, which was of him falling down the stairs. Shari and her friends were most astonished at this, as the photo was taken before he fell down.

Later, on Tuesday afternoon after school, Shari met with Greg at Bird's Little League game. She was delighted to see that he had brought the camera, but Greg thought that the camera was broken as the photos don't come out right. Shari insisted that they should take Bird's picture before he comes to bat. Shari attempted to do so, but Greg wrestled with her when the camera went off, aimed at Bird, and the developed photo showed of Bird lying unconscious on the ground. Shari and Greg were really puzzled at this, so they examined the camera to see what the problem was, but the camera didn't have anywhere to open or any moving parts and it doesn't even have a brand name. Shari was disgusted at this, thinking how stupid the camera was. Then to their shock, they saw Bird appearing to be lying unconscious on the ground, but it turned out he was just goofing as usual. After that, Shari and Greg watched Bird have his turn to batter, playfully booing him, when suddenly another batter hit the next ball hard and the ball struck Bird on the head, knocking him unconscious! Horrified, Shari raced to Bird's aid while Greg was called away by his older brother Terry to tend to their father who had been in a terrible accident.

Bird was all right. And Shari's birthday party took place the next weekend and she invited the three boys and nine girls. She called Greg and asked him to bring the camera, but Greg didn't want to because of what happened to his father and he didn't want anyone else to get hurt, to which Shari replied that Greg can't believe that the camera can hurt people and insisted him to bring as there was nothing else to do, dismissing his story of a bad dream about the camera. Greg then arrived and Shari caught up with him and asked if he brought the camera, which he did much to her delight. Shari asked Greg to take her photo first, since it was her birthday. Greg hesitantly did so and then a game of Truth or Dare was announced. Shari and Greg looked at the photo, only to find that she wasn't in it. Shari ordered Greg to take it again thinking he missed her, only to have the same result so Shari decided to forget it, thinking it was broken. But then sometime during the game of Truth or Dare, Shari disappeared.

Shari had been missing for a couple of days, with everyone, especially her parents and Greg, very upset about her sudden disappearance. But then, she suddenly reappeared in front of her house and the first thing she did was greet her grieving parents and gave Greg a call and Greg was delighted to know she was back. Then after a brief chat, Shari had to get off the phone, as the police that had been looking for her earlier wanted to question her. The next morning, Shari was confused, upset and exhausted from answering questions with the police and later her parents and her parents thought it was somehow their daughter's fault that she disappeared. She met up with Greg at the playground and he told her that he was going to the Coffman House to return the camera and asked Shari if she could go with him. Before Shari could reply, Spidey appeared and chased after them, but was stopped by their neighbor, Jerry Norman. After being told by Jerry to be careful, Greg told Shari that they have to take the camera back tomorrow or they will all be in danger, to which Shari agreed to do so.

The next day, Shari and Greg went to the Coffman House with the camera, hoping to just put the camera back and go home. After making sure that Spidey wasn't there, the two friends went into the front door of the house. Shari thought that Bird and Michael may be chicken, but at least they were smart to stay home. Shari and Greg walked over to the basement, jumping at every sound, and Greg put the camera back in the vise with the hidden shelf. They were about to leave when Spidey suddenly appeared at the door on top of the stairs, blocking their escape. Shari and Greg told him they had returned the camera and desperately pleaded him to let them go. Spidey then told them that they should not have taken the camera, as it is not an ordinary camera - it is an evil camera. Spidey then revealed himself as Dr. Fritz Fredericks, a scientist who was evil and very greedy in his younger years. He explained to the two kids that he had stolen the camera from his lab partner, who had invented it, but regretted it terribly because his lab partner had put a curse on the camera and Fredericks lost everything because of the camera, including his job and his family. And Fredericks learned something even more frightening, which is that the camera can't be destroyed. So Fredericks vowed to keep the camera a secret and keep it where it can do no harm. When Spidey finished his story, Shari and Greg attempted to leave, but Spidey blocked their way, telling them that they know too much and that they cannot leave. Shari and Greg desperately pleaded him to let them go and that they won't tell anyone, but Spidey wasn't going to take any chances. As the scientist grabbed Greg by the shoulder and struggled with him, Shari decided to take advantage by taking the camera and take Dr. Fredericks' picture. She did so to the old man's horror and as a result, Dr. Fredericks died of fright. Shari was horrified at what she had done as she only wanted to throw him off-guard, but then she and Greg saw a picture which was of Dr. Fredericks dying of fright. Then Greg put the camera back and he and Shari went to call the police.

Shari and Greg told Bird and Michael what had happened and two days later Shari and her friends stared at the Coffman House, reflecting on how Spidey died and then they pedaled away. But Shari was unaware that two bullies, Mickey Ward and Joey Ferris were present at their struggle with Dr. Fredericks, and had taken the Evil Camera out to take a picture.

Say Cheese and Die — Again!

Say Cheese and Die... Again - Jennie Lévesque 1

Shari in Say Cheese and Die — Again!

At school, Shari, Bird and Michael were assigned to Miss Folsom's class, while Greg was stuck with the grumpy teacher, Mr. Saur. One day, Shari and her friends were having lunch together, when Greg miserably told them that Mr. Saur was giving him an "F" because Greg wrote about the events with the Evil Camera in his assignment on telling a true story and he thought what Greg wrote was silly. Shari and the others offered to tell Mr. Saur about it in order for him to believe Greg, but Greg declined saying that he won't believe them either, and that he has to bring in the Evil Camera to prove to Mr. Saur that his story is true. Shari, Bird and Michael objected, remembering past incidents with the Camera but Greg insisted that he has to get it and asked if anyone will go with him, which they refused and Shari insisted that something horrible will happen if he took the Camera to school.

The next morning, Shari was spying on Greg to see if he was crazy enough to get the Camera. She caught up with him and was astounded to see that he had taken the Camera from the Coffman House and told him that she had been spying on him because she couldn't let him take the Camera to school. Greg scoffed at this and told Shari that she can't tell him what to do, and told her that he won't be taking any pictures but he also has one of a boy named Jon that he met with a carpenter's nail through his foot as proof, which Shari was sickened at. She attempted to persuade Greg to take the Camera back, and tried to take it from him, only for a photo of her to be taken. Shari was horrified, fearing that she will disappear again. But the photo turned out to be a negative, with Greg and Shari thinking it is broken. So Shari took a photo of Greg as a joke, and it was a photo of him weighing four hundred pounds! Greg was astounded at this, but Shari assured him that the Camera was broken and that nothing will happen.

Later after school, after Greg told her about Mr. Saur not turning up for class, Shari caught up with him and bragged that she had an "A" in math. Then Greg began to feel strange and told Shari that his backpack was feeling tight and someone must have messed with. Shari then asked him if the Camera was safe and he told her that it was in his locker. Later they caught up with Bird and Michael and Michael suggested that they should go get their bikes. After Shari was ready, Greg came out and did his favorite way of getting on his bike and made the tires burst, surprising all four of them. So Greg took out Terry's bike and they had a bike race and then went for home, with Shari staring at Greg, noticing that something was different about him.

The next morning, Shari found that she had lost eight pounds, much to her astonishment as she had only weighed ninety to start and now she was down to eighty-two. She ran into Greg at school later on and her skirt fell down to her ankles! She told Greg about how she is losing weight and Greg showed her that he had started gaining weight in class, to which Shari that Greg looked really weird.

Later, Shari's weight loss and Greg's weight gain started to get really serious. Shari had become a lot more skinny and bony than usual and was waiting in the nurse's office when Greg came in, even more fatter than before. Both of them were very upset as they know that they are not sick and that it was the Evil Camera that was responsible for their conditions. Later, Shari had a call from Greg saying that he was coming over. The situation had worsened for the two as Shari had become a stick figure and was getting smaller while Greg had gained even more pounds! Greg suggested to take new photos of themselves to cure them. Shari wasn't so sure as it will possibly make things worse, but seeing there was no other way, she agreed. So Shari took a photo of Greg, only to have him still fat and red scales peeling off his body. Shari then decided to rip the pictures and then Greg told her that if they do, they might disappear completely. Shari assured Greg that they will come up with something to save themselves and they just have to think positive. This gave Greg a great idea and together, the two friends went to Kramer's, a photo shop where Terry worked. There, Greg handed Terry the negative of Shari and the positive of him being fat and reverse them, meaning to take the negative and make a positive of it and take the positive and make a negative. Shari was delighted, as she realized what Greg's idea was. At first nothing seemed to be happening when Terry was done and Shari and Greg thought they were doomed.

But then the next morning, to their delight, Shari and Greg found themselves back to normal and celebrated by doing a "Back to Normal" dance in Shari's backyard. After that, Shari told Greg that they are going to be late for school, prompting Greg to get the Evil Camera and he told Shari that he is going to use it for revenge against Mr. Saur. Shari protested against this and Greg explained to her how unfair Mr. Saur was, not believing him and calling him a liar in front of the whole class and giving him an "F" for a really good report. And then Greg told Shari how Mr. Saur was so cruel to him when he was fat, making rude jokes about him in front of the class and how he totally embarrassed him. Shari then asked Greg what he was going and he replied that he is going to prove that the camera is real and have his revenge at the same time.

Shari then went to school as usual, unaware that Greg's plan had gone wrong and that Mr. Saur had taken a photo of the whole class with the Evil Camera. It is unknown what happened afterwards.

General Information


Shari is a tomboyish girl who likes to have fun and have a good laugh with her friends. She likes to make jokes and is always laughing at Bird's jokes, though there has been moments where he went to far, prompting Shari to call him Doug when she is upset with him. She can also be pretty persuasive and has a tendency to make the others do something that they really don't want to do (Bird sometimes an exception on this). Shari can be real fascinated by even little things, but she has a tendency to be disgusted if they were no good. She has a tiny crush on Terry, but she has the biggest relationship with Greg (since they live next door to each other and their parents are best friends), and often tries to help him out of his endeavors.

Physical appearance

Shari is thirteen years old, Caucasian, tall and thin with crimped black hair.



Television and Film



  • Shari is one of four protagonists to be played by two different actors in the television series.
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