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Scream of the Evil Genie is the thirteenth book in the Give Yourself Goosebumps gamebook series. It was published in 1997.

The cover illustration features a soda can in an alleyway. The can has a mist with eyes emerging from it, which is Jenna the genie.



As usual, it was a pretty long day at school. So before you do your homework you decide to grab a soda. But when you open the can, out pops a genie who offers you three wishes. She seems pretty cool, so you accept.

If you start out with an easy one—like wishing to be gorgeous—she turns you into something that everyone wants to see! But that something isn't exactly human. If you still think she's cool and wish to be rich, you'll definitely find out the hard way that money isn't everything. Will you get back to normal before you're "all wished up"?

The choice is yours in this scary GOOSEBUMPS adventure that's packed with over 20 super-spooky endings!


After coming home from school after a very tiring day, you take a cola can out of the refrigerator. Once opened, instead of Cola, a genie named Jenna, dressed like a punk rocker, pops out. She grants you three wishes, so long as they are not violent, involve the death or injury of someone else, or are menial household tasks. However, the wishes should be spoken very precisely...

Story A

You choose a wish from a list of suggestions (fame, money, or good looks), but something goes "wrong" with the wish. You then have to either find a way to deal with it yourself, or make another wish to cancel it out, but you don't know where Jenna is...

Story B

Before you can make your wish, your mother gets home. She embarrasses you, and you're so frustrated that you say you wish Jenna were your mother. Your wish comes true, and now you have to find a way to get your real mother back - but your brother and sister are also Jenna's children now, and can make their own wishes.

List of endings

There are sixteen bad endings, one ambiguous ending, and five good endings.

Bad endings

Ending Paths

You wish to be so stunning that people's mouths would hang open when they see you. They sure do... after you became a beautiful painting in a museum.

  • 39

You try to make a wish. But the rat-man, a villain from a video game, swings his swords at you. It's implied that you die.

  • 45-61-105

You and Peter try to hide in a darkened hot-dog booth, but you trip up an alarm system. When the mall police arrive on the scene, you try to convince them that you're so rich, that you could buy the hot-dog booth, perhaps even the whole mall. But they don't believe you and it is implied that they arrest you.

  • 45-94-17-64

You tell your butler, James, the whole story, and he agrees to open up forty cases of soda for you. But when he finds the soda can, he wishes that he was rich and you were the butler. He warns you not to look for the soda can, since he's already hidden it.

  • 45-94-17-93-88

You wish you never met Toobah and you travel back in time to where the whole story started. Still wanting to make wishes, you look for Jenna's soda can. Only your brother already has it and opened it.

  • 45-94-17-93-59-122

With Randy's careless wishes, you have a pink-and-yellow striped face. Frustrated, you accidently blurt "I wish you'd shut your mouth!" and your brother's mouth is permanatly closed. You try to be clever with your last wish and ask Jenna to receive the rest of Randy's wishes. Jenna grants it, but mocks you as she reveals that Randy has no more wishes, leaving her as your mother and you and Randy in your current states.

  • 66-18

To get your mother out of Jenna's soda can, you decide not to waste your last wish and open it with a can opener, instead. In doing so, you inadvertently destroy Jenna. Your mother remains five inches tall and is now angry that Randy is throwing a party.

  • 66-53-13-40

You use your last wish to get rid of a huge metal insect monster. Jenna remains your mother. Your real mother is nowhere to be found and stuck inside Jenna's old soda can.

  • 66-53-110-119-46

You wish you never met Jenna and travel back in time, where your great-great-great-great grandmother is.

  • 66-53-110-119-129

You decide to run from the tiger, which ends up with him chasing after you and eating you.

  • 73-85-19-82-65-7-30-134

Jenna tricks you and you waste your last wish. Then she wishes that she was free and that you would be the genie of the soda can. Later, a child finds your can, opens it, and you pop out of there, ready to grant their wishes.

  • 73-85-19-82-65-7-30-67-36

You decide not to ride the tiger to catch up with giant Jenna. She comes back to see if you were catching up to her. Then she squishes you flat.

  • 73-85-19-82-65-7-30-67-62-6

You decide not to follow the parrot and you get scolded at, because you should have known that the parrot was going to help you get off the island. However, if this was your first Give Yourself Goosebumps book, you are given a second chance. If not, then it's "The End".

  • 73-85-19-82-65-7-47

You decide to stay in the ocean to avoid a roaring beast that's somewhere in the jungle. The sun reflects off the water and it burns you to a crisp. It's implied that you die.

  • 73-85-19-82-65-32

You get stuck on an island with other children, who all made bogus wishes from Jenna. You soon come to realize that you're all on Neverland. When Peter Pan appears, you scream.

  • 73-85-19-82-72

A co-worker steals your soda can and escapes from you in his new Ferrari. It is implied that you spend your career as the green and pink dragon, Wilfred, for a "Barney" type show.

  • 73-85-19-103

Ambiguous endings

Ending Paths

You wish the huge metal insect monster away. Katie praises you and inadvertently wishes for a hundred siblings just like you. While your house is overflowing with people who look just like you, you aren't too sad because they'll be able to protect you if Randy ever tries to pick on you.

  • 66-53-110-115

Good endings

Ending Paths

You wish that Jenna was a regular person. You and Stephanie find yourselves at your old house.

  • 45-61-52

You become real generous to people with your wealth and now you have a lot of friends. Your second wish is a big pizza party. Then your third wish is to make everyone else wealthy.

  • 45-94-81

It looks like you have to use your last wish to get your mother out of Jenna's soda can. But your mother has an idea and whispers it to you. So you turn to Jenna and wish for unlimited wishes.

  • 66-53-13-51

You become a famous baseball player. You're so happy, that you never make your third wish. When a fan asks for something of yours, you give them Jenna's soda can.

  • 73-31-80

The tiger helps you get Jenna's wish-ring and you wish to go home. You get back to your old home and save the six pack of soda... just in case.

  • 73-85-19-82-65-7-30-67-62-27

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  • In one storyline, the reader can encounter a talking parrot. One ending jokingly suggests that the bird may be "an escapee from a Florida theme park." This is a reference to Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room: this attraction can be found at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
  • While the original book uses the terms "cellular phone" and "laptop computer", these phrases are replaced with "cell phone" and "laptop" respectively in the digital rerelease.
  • Mortal Revenge is likely a reference to Mortal Kombat.
  • The original advertisement mentions a path where you wish to fly, causing you to turn into a vulture. This does not happen in the actual book.
  • Wilfred the pink and green dragon is a parody of Barney the t Rex.

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