The following is a list of characters from Scream School in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Rita and Ron

Rita and Ron are characters in one of the Scream School movies. They sneak into the titular school before they are killed by Johnny Scream.
Emory Banyon

Known as "The King of Horror", Emory Banyon is a director famous for his Scream School series of horror films. Emory enjoys scaring people, more specifically his son, Jake. Emory wants to teach his son that fear is a natural emotion, doing so with often cruel pranks.
Jake Banyon

Jake is the book's protagonist and the son of Emory. When he gets tired of his father's tricks, he seeks payback.
Chelsea Paige

Chelsea is one of Jake's friends. She accompanies him on the set of Emory's latest Scream School film.
Johnny Scream

Actor: Rad Donner

Johnny Scream is the main antagonist of the Scream School films. He is a horrific-looking ghoul that wields an axe. His actor, a man named Rad Donner, is friendly, and often spends time at the Banyon's home.
Vicki Banyon

Vicki is Jake's mother and the wife of Emory Banyon. She disapproves of her husband's constant attempts to scare Jake.
Carlos Manza

Carlos is a friend of Jake and Chelsea.
Devon Klar

Devon is an actor in Emory's latest Scream School film. When he falls ill on set, Jake is chosen as his stand-in, as the two look alike. However, the scene doesn't go as planned, leaving Jake humiliated.
Sheila Farrel

Sheila is the film's assistant director.
Mindy and Gregory

Mindy and Gregory are actors that Jake meets on the set of Emory's next Scream School film. He enlists their help to fool Emory into thinking the set is haunted, so he can finally give his dad a taste of his own medicine.
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