The following is a list of characters from Say Cheese and Die — Again! and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Greg Banks

Book and TV episode Greg is once again the protagonist. After his report about the evil camera gets him an F by his teacher Mr. Saur, he goes to find the camera to prove to Mr. Saur that he's telling the truth. After finding the camera, Shari takes a picture of him, causing him to rapidly gain weight.
Mr. Saur

Book and TV episode Mr. Saur is Greg's English teacher. Dubbed "Sourball", he is known to be quite serious and skeptical, not believing Greg's story about an evil camera. He is also rather cruel, mocking Greg when he rapidly gains weight.
Shari Walker

Book and TV episode Shari returns from the previous book. After trying to stop Greg from bringing the camera to school, a photo is accidentally taken of her. It turns negative, which causes her to rapidly lose weight.
Douglas "Bird" Arthur and Michael Warner

Book Bird and Michael return from the previous book, yet their roles are more diminished, essentially not being happy with Greg wanting to get the camera again.
Brian Webb and Donny

Book Two bullies from Greg's English class. Due to their weight, Greg dubs them "Sumo One" and "Sumo Two". Like Mr. Saur, they don't believe Greg's story and at one point mock him with a camera.
Terry Banks

Book and TV Episode Greg's older brother. He has recently left his job at the Dairy Freeze to work at Kramer's Photo Mart.
Mr. Banks

Book Greg and Terry's father.
Mrs. Banks

Book and TV Episode Greg and Terry's mother.

Book Mrs. Banks' sister and Terry and Greg's aunt. She is said to not be feeling too well.
Pete and Alice

Book Greg and Terry's cousins in Yosemite. Greg's chance to visit them hinges entirely on him not getting an F from Mr. Saur.

Book Jon is a young boy about Greg's age whose father is tearing down the Coffman House to build a new house over it.
The Camera

Book and TV Episode A cursed camera that predicts a horrible future to whatever it takes a photo of. To prove to Mr. Saur that his story is true, Greg retrieves the camera from the now demolished Coffman house.
Jon's Father

Book A land developer who is rebuilding over the remains of the Coffman House.
Ms. Rose

Book A substitute teacher that fills in for Mr. Saur.
Marci Ryder

Book and TV Episode One of Greg's classmates. She has a cat named Waffles that she talks about in class.
Mr. Grund

Book The principal of Pitts Landing Middle School. He looks more like a surfer than a principal.
Mrs. Wackman

Book The social studies teacher of Pitts Landing Middle School.
Miss Jakes

Book The music teacher of Pitts Landing Middle School.
Dr. Weiss

Book The local allergy doctor. He is a kind man, but is known to baby talk his younger patients.
Mr. Kramer

Book Owner of Kramer's Photo Mart.

TV episode A ghostly apparition with a skeletal face that takes Greg's picture in his dream.
Unnamed Man

TV episode A man that catches Greg in the remains of the Coffman house. After Greg takes his picture, he falls through the floor to the basement below, knocking him unconscious.

TV episode While not appearing in the episode, he does appear in flashbacks from the previous episode.
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