The following is a list of characters from Say Cheese — and Die Screaming! in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Julie Martin

Talented photographer and the main protagonist. She obtains the camera in a garage sale but upon discovering its evil powers she is quick to get rid of it. Unfortunately, the camera keeps finding its way into Julie's life.
Reena Jacobs

Julie's best friend, she is the first victim of the camera as her photo comes out normally, except for showing her with red eyes. Shortly after the picture was taken, her eyes become bright red and burn constantly. The incident had since caused Reena to end her friendship with Julie.
Mr. Webb

Mr. Webb is the school's yearbook advisor who assigns Julie and David to take photos of the school's events, and whoever has the best photos the winner gets to take the entire school body picture from atop the diving board of the school's new swimming pool.
Becka and Greta

Nicknamed the "Sneer Sisters", these two girls often harass and bully Julie. Julie believes they only do it because she didn't invite them to her birthday party the year prior. Their photography's prediction is their skin becoming horribly cracked, spotted, and green like "alligator skin".
David Blank

The second student assigned by Mr. Webb, David is a rival photographer of Julie's who's competing to take the school yearbook photo.
Sammy Martin

Sammy is Julie's younger, spoiled brother who insists on getting his picture taken with Julie's camera ever since she got it. When he gets his hands on it, he ends up taking a picture of himself but a nearby bee flies by the lens and obscures most of the photo, resulting in his face suddenly growing bee-like hair.
The Camera

The Evil Camera is the main antagonist. It is a camera with the power to predict a horrible future event to everything that is photographed in it.
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Martin

They are Julie and Sammy's parents. They are never actually named.
Karla Mayer

The star basketball player of the Tigers, Karla's arm gets caught in the basketball goal's net during a layup and is horribly broken after Julie snaps a picture of her for the yearbook assignment.
Mr. Blank

David's father, he's the owner of the mall's camera store, Camera World. When Julie takes the cursed camera to his store to check its history, he informs her that it was a prop of an old 1950's horror movie titularly named after the book. However accidents on set would frequently occur whenever it was used. Julie then leaves him with it, but Mr. Blank ends up giving it to David.
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