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Sara Kramer is a character in the thirty-first Goosebumps book, Night of the Living Dummy II, and its accompanying television adaptation. She is the older sister of Amy and Jed Kramer.


Every Thursday, as part of a Kramer family tradition, Sara and her family must each share and present a special talent. As a skilled artist, Sara usually shows off her latest sketches and paintings, however, her talent usually leads to jealousy in her younger sister, Amy. During family sharing night, Amy does a ventriloquist act with her dummy, Dennis. However, Dennis is starting to age and fall apart. 

As a gift, Amy's father gets her a new dummy: Slappy. Upon Slappy's arrival, strange things begin to happen, with Sara the primary victim of them. First, one of her paintings is vandalized with a crude red smiley face, and later, her room and the rest of her artwork are completely destroyed. All signs point to Amy as the culprit, but she denies the accusations, stating that Slappy has come to life, and is to blame for the actions.

As the incidents continue, Amy is looking to face serious consequences. One night, Sara catches Amy in her room, and thinks she's out to destroy more of her belongings. However, Sara reveals to Amy that she also saw Slappy moving around, but didn't want to tell, partly out of the jealousy she held over Amy. Together, the two come up with a plan to stop Slappy, and a way to make their parents believe Amy's story.

The two recruit their brother, Jed, to dress up as Dennis and surprise Slappy, while Mr. and Mrs. Kramer watch from the closet. This ends up working successfully, and the two fight until Slappy's head is broken against a bedpost, ending his evil. However, the sisters are shocked to find their brother was actually asleep the whole time, making them question just who it was that fought Slappy.

General information


Sara is artistic and deeply talented. However, with her talent also comes some envy. She feels jealous over the fact that her sister Amy can make friends so easily, as Sara feels she needs to paint to impress people. When she reveals this to Amy, the two put their feelings aside, and work together to destroy Slappy.

Physical appearance

Amy describes Sara as having straight black hair, tan skin, and dark green eyes, much like her.