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Sammy Baker is the main protagonist of the Goosebumps Most Wanted: Special Edition book The Haunter.


Sammy was one of the quietest kids in school. He was shy and easily frightened. While in school, Sammy's teacher assigned Halloween-themed group projects; Sammy was placed in the group with the task of testing if haunted houses are real. Sammy's group consisted of Bill "Buzzy" Buzzner (Sammy's best friend), Rubin Rubino (Sammy's archenemy), Summer Magee (the girl that Sammy has a crush on), Shamequa Shannon, Todd Garcia, and Misty Rogers. Sammy's group decided to go to a local haunted house, known as Marple House, to see if there were any ghosts there. While they were in the house, Sammy felt an incredibly cold sensation pass over him. Sammy had not known it yet, but his mind had been invaded by the ghost boy of Marple House.

Over the course of the next several days, the ghost that had invaded Sammy's mind periodically took control of Sammy and forced him to do crazy things that would ruin his reputation. The ghost later revealed that he wanted to kill Sammy.

When Sammy returned to Marple House, the ghost pulled Sammy though the door of life and death, which turned Sammy into a ghost. He also revealed that his name was Benjamin Marple. After a day of being a ghost, Sammy decided he wanted to live again. When Sammy passed through the door of life and death a second time, Benjamin hung onto him, and passed through the door while gripping Sammy. After the two boys successfully passed through, they both became alive once more, but their minds were connected.

General information

Physical appearance

Sammy has light-brown hair and brown eyes. He is about average height and has an about average weight.