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Sabrina Mason is the best friend of Carly Beth Caldwell. She first appeared in The Haunted Mask, and later its sequel The Haunted Mask II. She made a return in The Scream of the Haunted Mask alongside Carly Beth, and the two went on to star in subsequent entries of the HorrorLand series.


The Haunted Mask

Sabrina makes her first appearance in The Haunted Mask. She is Carly Beth's best friend and comforts her when she is scared. The two go trick-or-treating together on Halloween night, and when Sabrina sees Carly Beth's mask, she is amazed. She becomes more frightened when Carly Beth starts acting differently, and talking in a raspy voice.

Sabrina tries her best to help Carly Beth remove the mask later on, but is unable to find a line that separates the mask from her skin.

The Haunted Mask II

Sabrina returns in The Haunted Mask II, shaken by the events of the previous Halloween. She is still best friends with Carly Beth.

General information


Sabrina is a kind, talkative and sociable girl who likes to talk a lot about general things such as boys, school and what they would like to do and always enjoys a good laugh. She is very close to Carly Beth and they both like to do everything together and sometimes there are moments when Sabrina teases her friend. She tries her best to comfort Carly Beth when she is scared, but that often becomes difficult. 

Physical appearance

Sabrina is twelve years old, Caucasian, and is very tall and sophisticated-looking with straight black hair and blue eyes.

List of Appearances


Television and film


  • Sabrina's actress, Kathryn Short, also played Sue Morgan in A Night in Terror Tower. Coincidentally, both of those characters have the same initials.
  • Sabrina is one of the first protagonists to appear in the television series.