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Riverdale is the hometown of Drew Brockman, Walker Parkes, Lee Winston and Tabitha Weiss in Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns.


  • Drew Brockman - The main protagonist of the book.
  • Walter Parkes - Drew's best friend.
  • Lee Winston
  • Tabitha Weiss
  • Todd Jeffery - Lee's copper-haired next door neighbor. A teenage boy who helps Tabitha and Lee pull off pranks.
  • Joe - Todd's friend. Like his friend, he helps Tabitha and Lee pull off pranks.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brockman - Drew's parents.

Areas in Riverdale

  • Drew's House - The home of the Brockman Family.
  • Lee's House - Lee Winston's home. Two years before the events the book, Tabitha, Lee, Todd & Joe play a prank on multiple kids including Drew and Walker. It involed inviting them to a Halloween party at Lee's House and having Todd and Joe posed as intruders that broke into the house and forcing everyone to do push-ups.
  • Pumpkin Heads' Neighborhood - A neighborhood filled with Pumpkin Heads that Drew, Walker, Tabitha and Lee are lead to by the book's two dark green-robed Pumpkin Heads.