Richard Dreezer is the main protagonist in the fifth Goosebumps Most Wanted book, Dr. Maniac Will See You Now.


Richard was a loser who had to deal with parents who constantly argue and an annoying little brother who always gets his way. One day he had to do a report with Bree, a girl he has a crush on but can't stand him. They went to the comic book museum to work on it but soon discovered a passageway that connects the Comic Book world to the real world was opened and several superheroes and supervillains escaped.

Richard and Bree tried to solve the mystery who opened it, along with The Purple Rage, a supervillain who was a rival of Dr. Maniac. After battling a few supervillains, including Dr. Root, Richard discovered that he has a superpower in the comic book world: a really powerful sneeze.

When Richard and Bree finally find a way to escape the Comic Book World, Richard decided that he would love to live his life as a comic book character with superpowers instead of having to deal with his parents and Bree. The trap door that joins the two worlds closed when Richard heard his brother Ernie behind him. Slowly, Richard realized that he will live forever with his brother, and never get a day older.

General information

Physical appearance

Richard is a twelve year-old with red hair and a face full of freckles. He's short and thin and looks about eight.


Richard “Sneezer” Dreezer has very bad allergic reactions, which make him sneeze a lot. He is also a comic book enthusiast who always dreams of himself as a comic book character.

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