The following is a list of characters from Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Joe Burton

Book and TV episode Joe is the book's protagonist and narrator. He likes to pull pranks on his sister, who he finds annoying. When Joe's gardening-obsessed father brings home two lawn gnomes, strange things start to happen in their neighbor, Mr. McCall's, garden. Joe seems to be the primary suspect, but he knows the truth behind the mysterious vandalism lies with the gnomes.
Mindy Burton

Book and TV episode Mindy is Joe's older sister. She has blonde hair and a tendency to obsess over the organization of her things. Mindy often falls victims to the pranks of Joe and his friend, Moose.
Michael "Moose" McCall

Book Moose is Joe's best friend and neighbor. He has dark brown hair and is very large.

Book Buster is the Burton family's dog. He can often be found digging around in Mr. McCall's garden, which has earned the dog many threats.
Mr. McCall and Mrs. McCall

Mr. McCall (Book and Tv episode)
Mrs. McCall (Book)
Moose parents and the neighbors of the Burtons. Mr. McCall is a large, intimdating-looking man with a booming voice. He and Joe's father are in constant rivalry over whose garden looks better. With the annual garden show approaching, Mr. McCall is determined to win. However, his chance start to fade when an unknown force starts destroying his garden. Mrs. McCall is usually friendly and reasonable.
Jeffrey and Marion Burton

Book and TV episode Joe and Mindy's parents. Mr. Burton has a large collection of lawn ornaments, which most of his family despises. When he brings home two gnomes to add to the collection, strange things start to happen.
Lilah Anderson

Book Mrs. Anderson is the owner of Lawn Lovely, Mr. Burton's favorite place to get lawn ornaments. She is described as very skinny, with a specific liking to the color pink. She is also partially deaf, and requires a hearing aid to hear. She sells the gnomes to him.
Lawn Gnomes

Book and TV episode Hap and Chip are the names Mr. Burton gives to the two lawn gnomes he buys from Lawn Lovely. Hap is named for his happy expression, while Chip is named for the chip in his tooth. At dark, the two of them come to life and start causing mischief and mayhem in the garden. When Joe discovers they're alive, Hap and Chip convince him to come back to Lawn Lovely, where they state other gnomes are tied up in the basement. This ends up being as a trap, as hundreds of lawn gnomes try to attack Joe, Moose, and Mindy until they are frozen in place by a dog whistle.
Lawn Gorilla

Book To replace the gnomes, Mr. Burton buys a realistic looking gorilla ornament to add to his collection. When Joe asks it to behave nicely, the gorilla winks at him.

TV episode The ending of the episode is altered. In it, Mr. McCall is turned into a lawn ornament by the gnomes and Three judges come to view the Burton's garden. The judges say the family would have won, had it not been for the 'hideous lawn ornament', which is really McCall.
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