The following is a list of characters from Revenge R Us in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Wade Brill

Wade is the book's protagonist and narrator. She is twelve years old, skinny, and has brownish-blond hair. Wade's life has been made miserable by the harassment of her older brother, Micah. Sick of his bullying, Wade enlists the help of a company known as Revenge R Us to get payback on Micah.

Erin is a friend of Wade's. She attends her birthday party.
Micah Brill

Michah is Wade's older brother. He is seventeen, attractive, and has wavy dark hair. Micah finds great pleasuring in tormenting Wade, taking the opportunity to embarrass her as much as possible.
Julie and Steve Wilson

Steve is an eighth grader Wade has a crush on. His sister, Julie, is a friend of Wade's. Micah humiliates Wade by reading aloud her diary at a public pool, making everyone there aware of her crush.
Carl Jeffers

Carl is another friend of Wade's. He accompanies her during Wade's first visit to Revenge R Us.
Mr. and Mrs. Brill

Wade and Micah's parents. They seem to think Micah can do no wrong and never punish him for his cruelty against Wade.
Dr. Tolbert

Dr. Tolbert is a friend of Wade's father. He drives her parents to a hospital banquet.
Sophie Russell

Sophie is a girl Micah likes. Wade tries to get revenge on Micah by messing up his date with her.

Iris is a witch, and owner of Revenge R Us. She offers to help Wade get revenge on Micah for a fee. However, all of the spells Iris casts on Micah seem to backfire and afflict Wade instead.

Maggie is Iris' pet crow. For Iris' revenge spells to work, one must stroke Maggie and say what it is they want to do to their target.

Paula is Iris' supposedly evil sister. Iris assigns Wade a mission to sneak into her house and retrieve another crow named Minnie. However, Wade discovers Paula doesn't actually exist and the mission was a ploy by Iris and Micah, who paid Iris to ensure her spells backfired on Wade.

Minnie is another crow belonging to Iris, and a sibling to Maggie. However, there is no Minnie and the crow that Wade was supposedly rescuing was just a crow from a pet store.
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