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"Return of the Mummy" is the ninth episode of season one of the Goosebumps TV series. It premiered on December 22, 1995 on Fox during the Fox Kids block.



Gabe is in for the ultimate adventure when he visits his Uncle and cousin Sari in Egypt. Uncle Ben, an important archaeologist, is about to unearth the tomb of the great Prince, Khor Ru. But, superstition has it that if the Prince's mummy is disturbed, he will come back to life and seek revenge . . . on whoever wakes him from the dead! Will Gabe get to see a real, live mummy? And if so, will he live to tell his tale?

Differences from the book

  • The opening scene in the book where Gabe is arriving to Cairo via airplane is omitted. Instead, the episode opens with Gabe having already arrived and is already inside the pyramid with Sari and Uncle Ben.
  • In the episode, Sari sees a mummy hand in Gabe's pocket and questions him about it. He explains that he bought it at the airport, and it can supposedly summon spirits. In the book, Sari already knows about the mummy hand because Gabe used it in The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb. In that book, Gabe says that he bought the item at a garage sale.
  • Dr. Omar Fielding does not appear in the episode.
  • The scene where Gabe runs into John, the man in the mummy costume filming a bandage commercial is omitted.
  • None of Uncle Ben's workers appear in the episode. The expedition consists of just Ben, Gabe and Sari.
  • The ending is different. In the book, Gabe is possibly bitten by a scarab. In the episode, his summoner moves on its own and sneaks into his suitcase.
  • The magic words are altered. Instead of being "Teki Kahru Teki Kahra Teki Khari", they are simply "Kahru Kahra Khari".
  • In the book Gabe shattered Nila's pendant which defeated her, in the episode instead Prince Khor-Ru shattered Nila's pendant.
  • In the book, Khor-Ru stops after Nila is defeated. In the episode, he continues to attack Gabe.

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