The following is a list of characters from Return of the Mummy as well as its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Gabe Sabry

Book and TV episode Gabe is now 13 years old and is once again the protagonist. After the events of the last story, Gabe returns to Egypt as his Uncle Ben is exploring the pyramid of Prince Khor-Ru.

Book A stewardess who talks to Gabe while he is on the flight to Egypt.
Mysterious Man

Book A man Gabe mistakes for Uncle Ben.
Ben Hassad

Book and TV episode Gabe's uncle and Sari's father. Uncle Ben is once again exploring the ancient pyramids of Egypt. This time, he is searching for the legendary treasure of Prince Khor-Ru.
Sari Hassad

Book and TV episode Gabe's cousin. Like Gabe, she is now 13 years old and still better than Gabe at most things.

Book An actor dressed as a mummy in a commercial for "Sticky Bird Bandages". Gabe mistakes him for a real mummy.
Nila Rahmad

Book and TV episode Initially posing as a reporter, Nila is actually the sister of Prince Khor-Ru and has been trying to awaken her brother.
Dr. Omar Fielding

Book A fellow archaeologist who attempts to warn Ben not to disturb the pyramid.
Prince Khor-Ru

Book and TV episode An ancient mummy who is awakened after the ancient chant is uttered five times. He is also the brother of Nila Rahmad.
Cairo Police

Book A group of police officers sent by Dr. Omar Fielding to ensure the safety of the treasures in Prince Khor-Ru's tomb.
Nila's Driver

TV episode After hearing about the curse, he panics and runs off.
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