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Retch Sniff is one of the main antagonists from the television adaptation of One Day at HorrorLand.


When the Morris family end up in HorrorLand, they soon discover that they've been secretly filmed by the Horrors at the park for HorrorLand Hidden Camera, a show that is part of programming for the Monster Channel. The family end up on Raw Deal, a game show hosted by a Horror named Retch Sniff, who has the family play a series of game show events before sending them to be eaten by a monster known as Ripper. The Morris family are soon saved by another Horror named Blek, who reveals that he wanted to be the host of Raw Deal and that Retch Sniff only got the job by being the brother-in-law of the producer.

General Information

Retch Sniff's role is similar to that of the HorrorLand Emcee from the original One Day at HorrorLand story, serving as a host for the Monster Channel and leading the Morris family to a game that would determine their fate. His character is played up to be that of a stereotypical game show host archetype.