Ray Thurston is an antagonist in the first Goosebumps book, Welcome to Dead House, as well as its accompanying television adaptation.


Ray is one of the many residents of Dark Falls. He and his family moved to Dark Falls and lived in what is dubbed by the town as the Dead House, a house the town uses to lure unsuspecting families so they can kill them and feast on their blood to survive. Ray and his family were killed, but much like the other residents, became the living dead, continuing the cycle of luring new victims. He was then given the role of The Watcher, tasked with stalking the Benson family from within their new home, making sure that they weren't aware of the town's plans beforehand. He and the other children of Dark Falls befriend Amanda and Josh, at one point playing baseball with them.

Knowing that dogs can detect the dead, Ray kills Petey, the Benson family dog. But when Amanda and Josh go looking for Petey, they wind up in the town cemetery, where they find the gravestones for many of the kids in Dark Falls, including Ray's. He panics and starts to float above Amanda, seemingly choking her, until Josh shines his halogen flashlight over him, causing his flesh and other body parts to melt off, leaving nothing but a skeletal heap on the ground. However, the end of the book seems to establish that this isn't permanent and he and the town continue their cycle with a new family as quickly as before the Bensons can make their escape. 

General information

Physical appearance

The book describes Ray as having wavy blond hair, a turned up nose and a serious looking face. He wears a maroon long-sleeved sweatshirt and black jeans and occasionally a blue baseball cap.


Ray tries his best to be friendly to Amanda and Josh, to the point that it does feel genuine. He also comes off as very remorseful when he tells them the truth about the town and having to kill Petey, as well as when he tries to kill Amanda.

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