Randy Dark

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Randy Dark is a character in the eighth Goosebumps book, The Girl Who Cried Monster, as well as the television adaptation. He is the younger brother of Lucy Dark.


Randy's sister, Lucy, is always telling monster stories. As he's rather easy to scare, Randy usually ends up on the receiving end of her tricks, falling for every fabricated tale. One day, Lucy sees the local librarian, Mr. Mortman, transform into a monster before her eyes. As she's told too many lies in the past, nobody believes her. She tries her best to convince Randy, but even he doubts the story. 

When Lucy's friend, Aaron, witnesses Mortman's transformation, he tells the Darks what he saw. In response, they decide to invite Mortman over for dinner. To Lucy and Randy's surprise, their parents turn into monsters and devour Mortman. They explain that as the sole monsters in the neighborhood, their job is to ensure there's never too many monsters in Timberland Falls.

General information


Randy is easy to scare. He falls for every story his sister tells him. When Lucy tells Randy she saw a real monster, he is frightened at first but begins to doubt her story. He even starts to pull tricks on her as payback. When Randy discovers his parents are monsters, he seems excited.

Physical appearance

The book describes Randy as having straight black hair, pale skin, a round face, and large dark eyes. 



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