Rachel Stander is a character in the second Goosebumps Most Wanted book, Son of Slappy. She is the younger sister of Jackson Stander.


Rachel isn't a very well behaved kid, in contrast to Jackson. One day she found Slappy in Jackson's suitcase after visiting their Grandpa Whitman and accused him of stealing the dummy. Soon, Slappy starts controlling Jackson and forces him to do bad deeds. This made Rachel really happy.

Slappy controlled Jackson, which ruined things for the Youth Center he volunteers for and was grounded for all of his evil actions. Jackson then discovered that Rachel was working with Slappy the whole time and when they heard him eavesdropping, he heard the chirp again, meaning he might be permanently under Slappy's control.

General information

Physical appearance

Rachel is eleven years old, Caucasian, short and thin with straight brown hair, brown eyes, freckles on her nose and dimples when she smiles. She looks very similar to her brother.


Rachel is a real sarcastic kid and a troublemaker. She likes to argue with her teacher, and she gets into fights with kids in her class. She hates it when the teachers say, “Why can’t you be more like your brother, Jackson?”

Rachel and Jackson dislike each other because of their opposing personalities and Rachel is always trying to get him into trouble. But Jackson hardly ever let Rachel bother him in the least. However, Rachel finally succeeds in damaging Jackson's reputation after she worked with Slappy to make her brother look bad.

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