R.B. Farraday is the main antagonist of the eighth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Fright Camp.


Farraday is a renown director of many horror films, which has earned him the title of "the Scariest Man on Earth. He opened a camp called "Fright Camp" so that his fans, including Andrew and Tyler Herman, could experience the scares of his movies in real life.

Soon the scares he had cooked up started to seem too real, with his assistant going too far with some of them. Eventually things got so out of control that he ran away due to guilt. It turned out that everything going on was fake, and he created everything to get authentic footage for a documentary on fear.

The kids were upset but even after they pulled a scare of their own, he pulled one in return and told the kids they had two more weeks of Fright Camp left.


It is stated that Farraday created thirty-five films. The following is a list of films named throughout the book:

  • The Beast with Three Brains
  • The Carnival of Disgusting Horrors
  • The Cavern of No Return
  • Crab Monsters vs The Leech People
  • Conquerors of the Gorilla Planet
  • Go-carts from the Evil Kingdom
  • Kunga the Animal Vampire
  • Lake of the Water Zombies
  • Night of the June Bugs
  • Prisoners of the Vampire King
  • The Revenge of Dr. Cruel
  • Vacation of Endless Doom

General information


Farraday is obsessed with scaring people, to the point where he set up tons of real looking scares to get genuine reactions out of the campers. He wanted to capture real terror for the kids. While they were all fake, some of them felt too real to the kids and he didn't care that they were upset about being used.

Physical appearance

He is very short and skinny, with a closely trimmed beard and black hair.


  • He is a possible parody of Roger Corman, who is known for making cheap B-movies.
  • The style of his name might be a reference to R.L. Stine
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