"Pumpkin Juice" is the first short story featured in the book Still More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Before going trick-or-treating, Charlie's friend, Frank pulls out a Halloween themed cookbook, which promises to bring out the beast in them. He flips a couple pages and suggests they try out a recipe entitled Pumpkin Juice Supreme. Charlie agrees, as the ingredients seem harmless enough. When the juice is finished, the boys test it out. To their surprise, the juice is delicious. They gulp it down and head out to get some candy. As the night progresses, Charlie and Frank find themselves growing hungrier and hungrier. Charlie sees he is growing hairier and realizes the juice has turned them into beasts.

Soon, the candy no longer satisfies their appetite and the boys move onto different foods. The boys eat everything from raw eggs to raw meat. Charlie even eats a live worm, which he greatly enjoys. Later, Charlie runs into his cat, Scout, and hungrily chases after her. Realizing they need to be cured, Charlie and Frank head back to the kitchen, hoping the book could provide a cure. Unfortunately for them, everything they need has been cleaned up already by their mother. However, Charlie's mother reveals she baked a pumpkin pie with the required ingredients. The boys quickly devour the pie and revert back to normal. Charlie's mother tells them she enjoyed the juice they made, but is starting to feel very hungry.


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