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Prince Warwick is a character that appeared in the fifteenth Goosebumps HorrorLand book, Heads, You Lose!.


Prince Warwick is a headless prince of a medieval world, that has kept himself alive using magic, whenever he wants to speak, he writes down a message on a piece of paper.

When Jessica and Ryan are transported to the prince's kingdom, after they make an unlucky flip with the coin they got from Chiller House, they are taken to the dungeon by the Duke of Earle, and are presented before the prince, he says he wants his head back, after Jessica tells him that they don't know where it is, the prince sentences Jessica and Ryan to execution.

After the kids escape, they find a decapitated head and present it to the prince, but unfortunately, he writes that the head is not his after feeling it, later on, they find another decapitated head and again present it to the prince.

The second head that Jessica and Ryan give to him is his head, he reattached his head, and now with his long last site reunited to him, he sentences his two advisers to death.

In the end, Prince Warwick tells the kids that the head on the coin they have is in fact his, and Jessica and Ryan are sent back to their reality while trading the coin for a regular one.

General information


He is a very determined person, very eager to get what he wants, his head, if he doesn't get what he wants, he sentences a person to death.

Physical appearance

He wears a nice prince suit, a cape, with a collar, and a pink stump where his head should be, until he gets it back in the end.


  • Despite Prince Warwick appearing as a ghost on the cover, he actually isn't a ghost in the story itself, just a headless human being.
  • Despite not appearing in HorrorTown, an apparition is seen when Nila Rahmad is attacking that looks eerily similar in appearance.