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"Please Don't Feed the Bears" is the seventh story in Still More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Sarah is mad because her family, including her bratty little sister Katie, is taking a trip over the Halloween weekend to Cuddle Bear Land instead of Midnight Mansion, a haunted themed amusement park. Cuddle Bear Land is an amusement park where the employees are dressed as Bears. When they arrive at the park, Sarah cheers up a little because her parents allow her to go on the Roarin' Roller Coaster by herself. She rides five times and on the fifth time, she gets the privilege of sitting next to a Cuddle Bear on his lunch break. After riding, Sarah goes off down Honey Comb Lane to meet up with her parents and sister.

She seems to be lost and ducks into 'The Cave: Caution. Employees Only' to ask for directions to the Hibernation Rest Center where her parents are hanging out and growing ever more furious. A Cuddle Bear named Kira says she'll help Sarah, but first Sarah will have to eat a bag of Honey Crackers. She does, but instantly begins sprouting hair on her elbows and ears. She screams and flees the Cave. She didn't eat enough Honey Crackers to fully become a Cuddle Bear, so she simply covers her hairy elbows and keeps walking.

She finds her parents and sister and they all go home. Sarah discovers that that fur on her ears seems to only be a furry cap she was given. Katie finds a bag of Honey Crackers in Sarah's backpack and eats them all. Sarah then realizes she'll have her own Cuddle Bear soon.


  • The Cuddle Bears are a likely parody of the Care Bears
  • On Page 88, Sara refers to Cuddle Bear Land as "Cuddle Bear Park". Additionally, on the final page, Monster Mansion is refereed to as "Midnight Mansion".

References in other Goosebumps media

  • During Goosebumps HorrorTown's It Came From the Internet event, Jordan mentions wanting to rent a film called "Cuddle Bears Save Honey Lane"