The following is a list of characters from Planet of the Lawn Gnomes in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
R.L. Stine

Author R.L. Stine narrates the introduction to this book.
Lawn Gnomes

The Gnomes are living gnomes that look just like normal lawn gnomes, but they come to life at night and take over Polovia, the Planet of the Lawn Gnomes.
Jay Gardener/Pul-Mar

Jay is a boy that can’t stay out of trouble. His parents frequently warn him about that, and he tries to change, but fails. It turns out that he, along with all the neighborhood, is a robot made and programmed by the Gnomes, but suddenly stopped working correctly, acting like a human. He started to believe that he was a human, and that his name was Jay, when, actually, he was called Pul-Mar. He loves chemistry.
Kayla Gardener

Kayla is Jay’s sister, who in the end of the book is revealed to be imaginary. Her age is not implied in the book.
Mr. McClatchy

The Gardener family’s neighbor. He is very temperamental and freaks out easily. He yells at everyone. McClatchy is bald, red-faced, and very skinny.
Mr. Phineas

Jay’s golden Lab who is abused by Mr. McClatchy. It turns out that Mr. Phineas is a talking dog who wants Jay to go back to Earth.
Mr. and Mrs. Gardener

They are the siblings’ parents. They are constantly scolding Jay because of his behavior. Mrs. Gardener calls Mr. Gardener "her movie-star husband", due to his handsomeness.

Elliot is an athletic-looking kid with black hair and broad shoulders. He lives in Jay’s neighborhood.
Buzzard Hawks

They’re a species of giant black hawks with overstretched wings. They’re blind, but they can smell or hear anything that’s a mile away.

The judge at the local court where the Gardener family lived before they moved. After Jay burned down his house by accident, she wanted to send Jay to some kind of youth prison. Mr. Gardener made a deal with her and managed to convince her that it wasn’t necessary. Then she forced the Gardener family to move away from the town.
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