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Pitts Landing is a town featured in both Say Cheese and Die! and its sequel, Say Cheese and Die — Again!.


Pitts Landing is described by Greg Banks and his friends as a boring town with very little to do. They repeat the phrase "Pitts Landing is the pits" several times as their own little town slogan. Not much of the town is brought up in the books themselves, but the most important location is the Coffman House, an abandoned old house in town that Dr. Fritz Fredericks was known to squat in, prior to his death and the house being demolished.


Below is a list of people who live in, work in, or frequent Pitts Landing:

  • The Banks family
    • Includes Greg, his older brother Terry, their mother, father and aunt Alana
  • The Walker family
    • Includes Shari, her mother and father
  • Michael Warner
  • Douglas "Bird" Arthur
  • Grover (local shopkeeper)
  • Nina Blake
  • Officer Riddick
  • Joey Ferris
  • Mickey Ward
  • Dr. Fritz "Spidey" Fredericks (deceased)
  • Mr. Saur
  • Brian Webb
  • Donny
  • Jonathan and his father
  • Marci Ryder
  • Dr. Weiss
  • Mr. Kramer
  • Mrs. Wackman
  • Miss Jakes
  • Ms. Rose
  • Mr. Grund
  • Greg's Class


Location Reference image
The Coffman House
The Coffman House was an old abandoned house in Pitt's Landing. It is given the name due to the word "Coffman" on the mailbox. Its interior is old, dusty and worn down over years of being abandoned. It was also where Spidey, a strange homeless man, made residence. It would later be torn down by Jonathan's father to make for a new house.
Only briefly mentioned, Grover's is a local shop in Pitt's Landing known for selling comics. Grover, the shopkeep, is known to not like kids loitering and reading the comic books.
Dairy Freeze
Only briefly mentioned, Dairy Freeze is a frozen treat restaurant similar to Dairy Queen that Terry Banks works at in Say Cheese and Die!.
Kramer's Photo Mart
Kramer's Photo Mart is a store which Terry Banks works in Say Cheese and Die — Again! It specializes in not only developing photos, but also turning photos back into negatives.
Pitts Landing Middle School
Pitts Landing Middle School is the school Greg Banks and his friends attend. While few of the classes are mentioned, the classroom of Mr. Saur is given the most focus. Other classes include Mrs. Wackman's social studies class and Miss Jakes' music class. The school principal is a man named Mr. Grund.
The local playground in Pitt's Landing is home to a baseball field where Bird plays for the local team the Pitt's Landing Dolphins (which also at one point could have been the Pitt's Landing Zephyrs)
The local hospital in Pitt's Landing's interior is described as having pale green walls and brown floor tiles with orange specks.
Dr. Weiss' Office
Also in the town is the office of allergy doctor Dr. Weiss. Weiss is described as a kindly man, but known to talk very baby-ish to children.