The following is a list of characters from Phantom of the Auditorium and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

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Character Medium Description
Zeke Matthews

Book and TV episode Zeke is the best friend of protagonist, Brooke Rodgers, the two sharing a mutual love of all things horror. He is ecstatic when he lands a role in their drama club's production of The Phantom, where he's set to play the titular character. However, when it seems as if a real phantom is haunting the theater, Zeke is the primary suspect for the strange happenings.
Brooke Rodgers

Book and TV episode The book's protagonist, Brooke is a student at Woods Mill Middle School. She has been cast as the character of Esmeralda in The Phantom. When strange things begin to happen, Brooke is determined to find the truth about the play's rumored curse.
Ms. Walker

Book and TV episode The drama club teacher. She is reluctant to tell the class about the reported curse on the play, dismissing it as just a story. She eventually gives in, revealing that the boy cast to play The Phantom during the play's initial production mysteriously vanished the night of the performance.
Mr. Levy

Book and TV episode The school principal. Zeke tricks Brooke into thinking she's been summoned to his office.
Tina Powell

Book and TV episode Brooke's jealous understudy. She tells the rest of the drama club that her great-grandfather attended Woods Mill when The Phantom was first performed. Brooke suspects she could be out to sabotage the play.
Cory Sklar

Book and TV episode Another member of the drama club, Cory has been cast to play Esmeralda's father.

Book and TV episode When investigating the trap door leading to below the stage, Brooke and Zeke run into a mysterious man named Emile, who claims to be the school's night janitor. Brooke and Zeke suspect him to possibly be The Phantom, but it is revealed he is actually a homeless man who has been living under the stage.
Jeremy Rodgers

Book Brooke's younger brother, who is easily scared. While walking to school, Brooke tells him about the play.
Brian Colson/The Phantom

Book and TV episode A new member of the drama club who recently moved to Woods Mill from Indiana. He is disappointed that he's arrived too late to star in the play, but is allowed to join the scenery crew. He quickly befriends Brooke and Zeke, but is soon roped into their investigation.

It is eventually revealed that Brian was the boy cast as the original Phantom. With the play being performed again, he came back as a ghost to finally give the performance his death robbed him of all those years ago.


Book The school secretary. She becomes concerned when Brooke and Zeke mention Emile, as the school has no night janitor.
Robert Hernandez

Book and TV episode Zeke's understudy. Brooke describes him as much more serious than Zeke
Zeke's family

Rich (brother)
Mr. Matthews (father)

Book Zeke's family appears only in the book. It is revealed that his older brother, Rich, takes him and Brooke to see scary movies. His father appears briefly, first grounding Zeke, and later, helping him and Brooke when they are confronted by Emile.
Police Officer

Book After Brooke and Zeke are almost attacked by Emile, the police are called. An officer searches the area below the stage, but finds no sign of him.
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