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Petey is the Benson's family dog in the book Welcome to Dead House, as well as its television adaptation.


When the Benson Family moves to Dark Falls, their dog, Petey, starts acting strangely. Petey senses straight away that the townspeople in Dark Falls are the living dead.

When Petey runs away from the Benson family, he is killed by the undead citizens of Dark Falls. When Petey is killed, he becomes a member of the living dead. Later, Ray Thurston reveals to Amanda and Josh Benson that Petey had to be killed because dogs are always able to recognize the living dead.

Petey, now a zombie, most likely still resides in Dark Falls.


  • He is a white, curly-haired, usually well-behaved terrier.
  • He doesn't mind being left in the family car.
  • He rarely (if ever) needs a leash.
  • He has lived his entire life with the Benson's in their old house.

Petey's appearance in the television episode is completely different than how he was described in the book. Instead of a terrier, he is a Border Collie / Golden Retriever instead.



It is unknown if Petey was going to appear in the planned Goosebumps Gold book Happy Holidays From Dead House, due to the expiration of R. L. Stine's contract with Scholastic.

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