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One Day Horrorland 1996 Board Game Box front.jpg

One Day at HorrorLand is a 1996 board game produced by Milton Bradley based on the 16th book of the same name from the original series. Another Horrorland board game, Welcome to Horrorland, was produced in 2012.


Welcome to HorrorLand, the scary amusement park where you and your friends play for your lives! Complete a ride to collect its ride token. Hang on as you whirl around in a coffin on the Wheel of Fear! Then be sure to run fast across the Horror Bridge before you get knocked off! Ready for the scariest ride of all? Use a ticket card to go down the towering Doom Slide. But watch out! Someone may play a card and release the rides' hidden skulls. They'll roll down and take you with them! The first player to survive all three rides must race back to the Entrance to win!


Be first to collect 3 different Ride Tokens (by surviving 3 different HorrorLand rides) and return both your girl pawn and boy pawn to the HorrorLand Entrance.


  • Gameboard with 3 park rides
  • Spinner
  • 36 cards
  • 12 ride tokens
  • 8 plastics pawns (4 boys, 4 girls)
  • 3 plastic skulls
  • 8 plastic stands
  • 2 plastic buttons
  • Plastic spinner arrow




  • This is the first board game to be based off of a certain book.