"One Day at HorrorLand" is the eight and ninth episode of season three of the Goosebumps TV series, and the fifty second and fifty-third episode overall. Part one and part two premiered on October 25, 1997 and November 1, 1997 on Fox during the Fox Kids block respectively.


  • Heather Brown as Lizzy Morris
  • Michael Caloz as Luke Morris
  • Jonathan Whittaker as Mr. Morris
  • Kirsten Bishop as Mrs. Morris
  • Neil Crone as Blek
  • Ron Stefaniuk as Assorted Horrors / Reptilian Creature
  • Jason Hopley as Assorted Horrors
  • Julie Holdsworth as Talking Severed Head


Differences from the book

  • Despite being one of the main characters in the book, Clay is omitted from the episode.
  • The Doom Slide and Bat Barn are never shown or mentioned.
  • There is no game show in the book.
  • The ending is completely different. The Morris family win a new car in the game show. After escaping HorrorLand, the Morris family nearly go off the cliff as the TV host does his cliffhanger closing to his show. The whole episode is revealed to be a show that two elderly HorrorLand Horrors are watching, complaining that human shows are scary.
  • A horror named Blek is revealed to be the former host of the show, and is eaten by Ripper only in the episode.

Home releases

"One Day at HorrorLand" was released on VHS on September 15, 1998 in the US, and October 11, 1999 in the UK. It was first released on DVD on September 16, 2008. It was included in a 3-Pack Thriller on August 26, 2014.

Title Release date Media type

One Day at HorrorLand

September 15, 1998 VHS

One Day at HorrorLand

September 16, 2008 DVD

3-Pack Thriller

August 26, 2014 DVD


  • Goof: In one scene, you can see the actors' real teeth under the horror mouth.
  • The game show Raw Deal has several references to the popular game show Wheel of Fortune.
  • Ripper the Killer Beast is recycled from Sabre from "Welcome to Camp Nightmare".
  • Luke's actor Michael Caloz was also known for voicing D.W. Read in the PBS animated series Arthur, in its' first three seasons.
  • The ending of this episode is quite similar to that of The Blob That Ate Everyone.




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