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The following is a list of characters from One Day at HorrorLand and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Lizzy Morris

Book and TV episode The protagonist and narrator. She's the calm one in the family.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris

Book and TV episode Lizzy and Luke's parents. Mr. Morris is a bank manager, but looks more like a wrestler.
Luke Morris

Book and TV episode Lizzy's brother. He has a lot of energy and constantly annoys Lizzy. He likes to pinch people, and he calls himself "The Mad Pincher".

Book Luke's best friend. He always laughs at Luke's antics, but is more shy and reserved compared to him.

Book The first of the HorrorLand Horrors that they meet. He mans the ticketbooth and welcomes them to HorrorLand.
Severed Head

Book and TV episode A severed head a horror is holding. In the episode, she speaks and warns them to stay off the guillotine ride, as it has "sharp turns".

Book and TV episode An unnamed family that are among the few other humans seen in HorrorLand. In the episode, a similar family is taken into a mysterious building.
Doom Slide Horrors

Book Two Horrors that tell them about the Doom Slide, and warn them that one slide will make you slide forever.
Horror Woman

Book A Horror that appears on the other side of the slide that tells the kids that Clay may have picked the Doom Slide.

TV episode A Horror that warns the family to leave, while they still can. He wanted to be the host of Raw Deal but Retch was chosen instead.
Balloon Horror

Book A horror carrying black balloons that tells the kids that no one has ever died twice in HorrorLand.
Man and Woman

Book A man and woman that the kids mistake for their parents.

Book A male and female Horror that tells the kids that their parents left.
Retch Sniff

TV episode The host of Raw Deal, a game show on the Monster Channel. He got the job because he's the producer's brother in law.
HorrorLand MC

Book A female Horror that runs the park. She tells the family that they are being filmed for a hidden camera show, then forces them to go through a monster obstacle course.
Makeup Artist Horror

TV episode A female Horror that does the families makeup, and remarks that they are monsters, but they are not "monsters".

Book Monsters that the Morris family must tangle with in the Monster Obstacle Course. They include a four armed creature and a giant bird.

TV episode A monster that the Morris family is fed to if they pick the wrong door.

Book Horrors that try to stop the Morris family from escaping after they pinched the MC.
Husband and Wife Horrors

TV episode Two horrors that turn off their TV when they grow tired of Raw Deal, saying they are sick of these "scary human shows".
Bus Horror

Book A horror that hitched a ride on the bus the Morris' family stole and offers them passes.