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Officer Murphy is an evil life-sized "policeman" toy robot who appeared in Toy Terror: Batteries Included.


Toy Terror: Batteries Included

Officer Murphy is a robot built by Nasty Kathy and used as Hasley Toy Store's security guard.

Other appearances

Officer Murphy also appeared in Goosebumps: The Game, as Slappy's security guard, making sure the player doesn't get to him. He first thinks that the player will not even enter the mall because he left the key card with The Beast From the East.

If the player defeats The Beast using either a talisman, a Shrunken Head, or The Haunted Mask, then they will be able to enter the mall, though they must still be wary of Officer Murphy. The player will find a photo of a girl in the mall, which they can use to make a decoy out of a mannequin that will distract Murphy distract. This will give the player enough time to sneak through the mall.


  • The character's name is a possible homage to the titular character in the 1987 film Robocop, who is a police officer named Alex Murphy that is forced to become a cyborg to ensure his survival.