Noah Caldwell is a character in the eleventh Goosebumps book, The Haunted Mask, and its television adaptation. He is the younger brother of Carly Beth Caldwell


Noah loves to scare his sister Carly Beth. Even the smallest of things seem to frighten her. When Carly Beth buys a terrifying mask from a party store, she quickly decides to pay Noah back for his pranks. She jumps into his room and begins threatening him in a raspy voice. Noah is immediately terrified at the sight of her and starts to scream for help until Carly Beth reveals she's the one under the mask. Intrigued, Noah asks if he can try on the mask, but Carly Beth refuses. He then asks her how she changed her voice, to which Carly Beth has no answer.

Carly Beth heads out of the house to go trick-or-treat and her behavior changes drastically as the night progresses. When she attempts to remove the mask, Carly Beth finds it has melded to her face. Using the plaster head her mother made of her, Carly Beth is finally able to remove the mask from her face. 

Heading back home, she discards the mask in her room, relieved everything is over. As her mother comforts her, Noah bursts into the kitchen, wearing her mask. In a deep, raspy voice, Noah asks how he looks.

General information


Noah is constantly scaring his sister. He takes advantage over his easy-to-scare nature. Everything Carly Beth owns, Noah wants, like her duck costume, and later, her mask.


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