Noah "Bean" Bienstock is the protagonist of the third book in the Goosebumps Most Wanted series, How I Met My Monster.


Noah Bienstock is a middle-schooler who wears glasses and is often called 'Bean', even by his parents. One day, when the Morton family moves to his apartment, the Sternom House, he meets Monroe Morton. As time passes, he begins to suspect Monroe is not human. His best friend, Lissa Gardener tells him not to worry about that. Noah then finds out that Lissa and Monroe really are monsters. It turns out that Noah and his family, along with every family in Sternom House, had always been monsters. At the ending of the book, Noah actually enjoys his new life as he can now get back at the bullies.

General information


Noah always had trouble with sleeping, as he keeps having nightmares about monsters. He is easily frightened, and is constantly picked on by Harlan Egman, a bully from his school, which makes Noah a little insecure and nervous.

Physical appearance

Noah is short and chubby, has straight, brown hair, and wears glasses.

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