Nina and Artie Lerner

Nina and Artie Lerner are characters in the tenth book in the Goosebumps HorrorLand series, Help! We Have Strange Powers!.


Nina and Artie are a pair of twins who constantly try to befriend another pair of twins named Jillian and Jackson Gerard, but their obnoxious behavior and constant sinus problems continue to bother the Gerards. After Artie accidentally knocks popcorn onto Jackson's sweater, staining it, Jackson attacks Artie, causing the kids to be thrown out of the movie theater. Jillian and Jackson escape the Lerners and begin to wish that they had superpowers to get revenge. They then spot the Madame Doom machine and put a coin in. They get zapped by the machine and soon discover they have powers. Jillian can read minds while Jackson can use telekinesis to lift things with his mind.

At gym the next day, Artie accidentally knocks a ball into Jackson's chest, so Jackson gets revenge by launching balls at high speed into Artie's head, only to miss. The Gerards later head to the Lerners home to get Jillian's science notebook, but also play some Wii. Nina reveals she accidentally dropped Jillian's notebook in a puddle, while Artie accidentally hits Jackson in the jaw with his Wii remote. The Gerards use their powers and freeze the Lerners in place for a while until they eventually manage to free them. Jillian and Jackson are later captured and pursued by an evil scientist named Inspector Cranium. The two escape and later head to the Lerner twins birthday party.

Inspector Cranium attacks again, but isn't focused on Jillian and Jackson, but Artie and Nina. It's here where the Lerner twins reveal that they've had superpowers all along. They had to keep a low profile, which is why they acted so obnoxious and klutzy. Nina makes Cranium bounce off the ceiling and Artie uses his powers to revert him back to the age of a baby. Everyone celebrates and the Gerard twins decide to finally befriend Artie and Nina. However, because of their powers being revealed, Artie and Nina leave town.

General information


Artie and Nina are overall rather kind to Jillian and Jackson, but their obnoxious and klutzy demeanor means that they constantly anger the Gerard twins. However, this demeanor is a cover to keep their true identities a secret.

Physical appearance

Artie constantly wears low riding jeans and rock star t-shirts, usually of bands nobody else likes. Nina likes to wear t-shirts with big sparkly words on the front, including one with the words "BIRTHDAY PRINCESS". She often wears ear plugs due to loud noises giving her migraines. 

Powers and abilities

Like Jackson, Nina also has telekinesis but has had more experience and is able to lift human beings like Cranium. Artie meanwhile has the ability to control time by saying certain words and able to regress (and possibly progress) a person's age.

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