The following is a list of characters from Night of the Living Dummy III and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Trina O'Dell

Book and TV Episode Trina is the twelve year old protagonist of the book. She and her younger brother Dan have to not only deal with their bothersome cousin Zane, but Slappy, who causes mischief.
Dan O'Dell

Book and TV Episode Trina's younger brother. His real name is Dan, Jr. but he dislikes the name, so no one calls him that, except for his sister Trina when he wants to make him mad. He is also sometimes called by his derogatory nickname Mouse. Both he and Trina have to not only deal with their bothersome cousin Zane, but Slappy, who causes mischief.

Book and TV Episode Rocky is another of Mr. O'Dell's dummies. When Zane arrives, he uses the dummy to get Trina and Dan in trouble. In the episode, Rocky plays a larger role as Slappy's bodyguard.
Danny O'Dell

Book and TV Episode Danny O'Dell is Trina and Dan's father. A former ventriloquist, he has since retired and has taken up collecting ventriloquist dummies in his attic.

Book and TV Episode After being defeated by the Kramer family, Slappy was soon found by Mr. O'Dell and nicknamed "Smiley". After being brought to life by the magic words, he causes mischief, intent on making the O'Dells his slaves.
Mrs. O'Dell

Book and TV Episode Mrs. O'Dell is the mother of Trina and Dan.
Zane O'Dell

Book and TV Episode Zane is the cousin of Trina and Dan. When Zane arrives to the O'Dell house, he decides to get payback on his cousins for their previous pranks on him by pretending that Mr. O'Dell's dummies have come to life.
Uncle Cal

Book and TV Episode Zane's father and Trina and Dan's uncle.

Book Robin is an adult cousin of the O'Dell family.

Book Fred is the husband of Robin. He is nicknamed "Froggy" because he can puff his cheeks out like a frog.
The Birches and Canfields

Book Neighbors who are invited to the O'Dell's for a dinner party to celebrate Zane and Uncle Cal.
Mr. O'Dell's Dummies

Book and TV Episode The collection of dummies in Mr. O'Dell's attic. In the book, the dummies all come to life and defeat Slappy, saving Trina and Dan.
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