The following is a list of characters from Night of the Living Dummy II and its Television Adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Amy Kramer

Book and TV Episode Amy is a 12 year old girl who performs ventriloquism during her family's sharing night. However, her dummy Dennis starts to break down on her, so she ends up with Slappy. After accidentally bringing Slappy to life, the dummy causes mischief, which Amy gets blamed for.
Mr. and Mrs. Kramer

Book and TV Episode The parents of Amy, Sara and Jed. They hold a family sharing night every Thursday to encourage their kids in sharing their talents.
Sara Kramer

Book and TV Episode Amy's 14 year old sister. Sara is a talented artist, often showing her paintings for family sharing night.
Jed Kramer

Book and TV Episode Jed is Amy and Sara's 10 year old brother. He's known to be obnoxious, particularly towards Amy.

Book George is the Kramer family's pet cat.

Book and TV Episode Amy's original ventriloquist dummy who is old and broken. He is seemingly brought to life at the same time as Slappy and manages to defeat him at the end of the book.

Book and TV Episode Margo is Amy's friend. She's shorter than Amy and is a big fan of The Beatles.

Book and TV Episode After Amy's dummy Dennis starts to wear out, Mr. Kramer gives her Slappy. After Amy speaks the magic words, Slappy comes to life and starts to cause mischief, which Amy gets blamed for.
Miss Carson

Book Miss Carson is Amy's math teacher.

Book and TV Episode Alicia is a girl whose birthday party Amy performs for in the book. In the episode, she's Margo's sister. In both versions, Slappy grabs her hand and doesn't let go.
Alicia's Mother

Book Alicia's Mother. After Slappy won't let go of Alicia's hand, she gets very upset.
Phoebe and Jennifer

Book A pair of kids invited to Alicia's party.
Margo's Dad

Book Runs "The Party House". A place where parties are held.
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